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Why Hire A Licensed and Insured Bartender?

So, you're thinking about having a party ( hooray) and you want to serve alcohol ( woohoo), and you're even thinking about hiring a bartender for your event  (awesome)! But before you start your search for your awesome bartender, there are a few super important things that you will need to consider. 

"How hard could it be to hire a bartender? ", you may ask, ( too easy) and, therein lies the dilemma.    It is way too easy to hire a "bartender". But, in actuality, not all bartenders are the same.  You may have even considered renting  a tux for a friend or family member and having them be the stand in bartender for your event ( please don't).  Why? Because there are consequences that you may not be aware of that may have an impact on your decision. ( read on)

While there are several logistical reasons why you need to hire a professional Licensed and Insured bartender for your event, the main, and most important reason is to protect yourself from liability.

Now  you may be thinking "these are just my friends and family, I have nothing to worry about!" Unfortunately, your relationships with your guests do not protect you from any liabilities associated with serving alcohol at your event. 

Serving alcohol comes with liability, and varying degrees of regulations by state.  Dram shop  laws indicate that anyone injured by an intoxicated person can sue the person who provided the alcohol. Additionally,  a bartender can be held liable for damages if they serve alcohol to someone who causes an accident or inflicts harm to a third party.  Imagine if you decided to cut corners and hired a bartender that wasn't licensed and insured, or worse , if you had a friend or relative pose as the bartender.  Who would then be liable?  Well, without an insured bartender, event hosts could be held liable, especially if minors are involved. In plain English, you can be held liable for any harm or damages caused by an individual that was served alcohol and then caused harm to others as a direct result of becoming intoxicated at your event.  This is a huge risk that no one should be willing to take.  This is why you should hire a licensed and insured bartender, not just a person in a tuxedo serving drinks ( or your cousin, relative, neighbor ) at your event.

Bartenders are more than just mixologists. They are trained and educated in the state specific laws and regulations of their state.  Not only that, but they are trained in how to identify warning signs of  intoxication, how to diffuse conflicts, how to redirect an intoxicated person and how to spot fake Id's. Many bartenders are also educated in liquor sequencing ( not all types of alcohol should be mixed ).   What happens when a person who has had way too much to drink continues to request more?  Who is responsible for protecting them from harming themselves or others?  Who should be the one to suggest another option, or refuse to serve another drink?    With  a licensed insured bartender, you can insure that these failsafe measures will be put into place so that you and your guests can safely enjoy your event.

If you are planning a wedding, or using a venue most likely you will be required to only hire a licensed and insured bartender for your event.  Again, this is a safety 

that the venues require in order to legally protect themselves from liability.  The liability is transferred to the licensed and insured bartender who is covered and protected for the services they provide , and who are relied on to apply their training and expertise  to ensure that everything runs smoothly and without incident.  In case we forgot to mention, they should also really know h