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Meet The Executive Team

Tanya Foster- Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Bartender on Board

Bartender on Board was started with her vision and is run with her passion. Tanya is a graduate of Baker College and holds an MBA in Healthcare administration. Her formal education led her to a successful and lucrative career in corporate America, however, she knew that she was not living life to the fullest simply lending her talents to others, when she herself had so much more to accomplish.

As a CEO, she is committed to offering elite and professional bartending services and leading her team to provide exceptional customer service prioritizing safety and risk mitigation. Outside of BOB, she is an active volunteer advocate who is always looking for ways to employ locally and give back to the community. She is a devoted Mother, and a new grandmother. Her unmatched energy, and can do demeanor is why she is the perfect leader and the face of Bartender on Board.

Jazzmin Foster - Sales and Marketing Manager

Jazzmin is the creative force that fuels BOB, and one of the first contacts our clients meet and work with to manage and coordinate their events. Not only are events her passion, but she absolutely loves making each event extra special for all of our clients. Her strong attention to detail ensures that each and every one of our clients receive the best services that we have to offer. Jasmin studied Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management at Middle Georgia State University. and hopes to continue growing her expertise in management and administration as our youngest executive on Board.

Joseph Foster - Operations & Logistics Manager

It's only logical that Joseph, our resident Aviation expert, manages our teams Operations and Logistics. Joseph is our go to for creating and and facilitating all logistical plans for BOB events. He is known for executing tasks with precision and prides himself on his promptness and "make it happen" demeanor. He is a graduate of Middle Georgia State University with a degree in Aviation Maintenance and Avionics. He keeps us flying above the rest with innovative new strategies and leadership skills we are thrilled to have him leading the way.

Tacuma Satchell- Director of Operations

Tacuma manages all of our events front and back office. He calls the plays for team BOB. He is so committed to excellence and service that he often is the first to arrive at an event and the last to leave the office. He is a true team leader. Keep an eye out for him, as you might see him riding his Harley on the expressway in his BOB leather jacket.

Vincent Bryant- Bar Back Team Lead

Vincent is our bar back team lead. He effortlessly works the bar, making sure the drinks are masterfully created, ensuring every detail down to the cherry on top is in place. He doesn’t miss a beat. He is known for interacting with the crowd and making sure everyone is taken care of and doing so, always with a smile. We are so happy he is a part of our winning team.

Terrance Mathewson- Lead Executive Concierge Bartender<