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BOB x!

We are excited to announce BOB x PLANNED, our newest partnership with

Planned is an event planning platform that combines a rich marketplace of suppliers with a human touch to help you plan your next corporate event. They are a centralized source that allows you to visualize and coordinate every detail of your perfect event from the venue, to the vendors and suppliers. They are used by major companies such as Amazon, Google, and L’oreal. We love that access to find everything you need from trusted, verified, and reliable contractors are all available to contact directly through this resource. Suggestions are curated specifically for what you are looking for by an event expert who will offer custom suggestions and concepts. Curation is their specialty. Another thing we love is that they have over ten locations in major cities in the U.S, and Canada which works exceptionally well with trying to coordinate events in multiple places and makes it so easy to shop around to find options and venues that work best for you (without even leaving your home,perfect!)

We highly recommend and are proud to be a featured, top rated vendor.

Check out the link to our page here.

Bartenders for private parties in Atlanta, GA.