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Why Hire A Licensed and Insured Bartender?

Advice from a licensed bartender in Atlanta

So, you're thinking about having a party ( hooray) and you want to serve alcohol ( woohoo), and you're even thinking about hiring a bartender for your event  (awesome)! But before you start your search for your awesome bartender, there are a few super important things that you will need to consider. 

"How hard could it be to hire a bartender? ", you may ask, ( too easy) and, therein lies the dilemma.    It is way too easy to hire a "bartender". But, in actuality, not all bartenders are the same.  You may have even considered renting  a tux for a friend or family member and having them be the stand in bartender for your event ( please don't).  Why? Because there are consequences that you may not be aware of that may have an impact on your decision. ( read on)

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